Allan A. Friedman


Center for Research in Computation and Society

Harvard University  *  33 Oxford Street MD110 *  Cambridge MA 02138   (617) 943-2190




Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge, MA

PhD in Public Policy, May 2009

Dissertation Title: “Privacy, Security and the Dynamics of Networked Information Sharing”

o    Fellow, Harvard Program on Network Governance (2005-2008)

o    Fellow, National Center for Digital Government (2004-2005)


Swarthmore College, Swarthmore PA

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, May 2002

o    Eugene Lang Opportunity Scholarship



Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Luc Wathieu and Allan Friedman, “An Empirical Approach to Understanding Privacy Concerns,” Journal of Interactive Marketing. Under Revision.


David Lazer, Ines Mergel and Allan Friedman, “Co-citation of prominent social network articles in sociology journals: The evolving canon,” Connections. forthcoming.


David Lazer and Allan Friedman, “Parallel Problem Solving: The Social Structure of Exploration and Exploitation.” Administrative Science Quarterly. 52:4 (2007)


Allan Friedman, “Good Neighbors Make Good Fences: A Peer-to-peer User Security System.” IEEE Technology and Society. 26:1 (2007)


Allan Friedman, Roshan Baliga, Deb Dasgupta, Anna Dreyer, “Understanding the broadcast flag: a threat analysis model” Telecommunications Policy 28 (2004)


Book Chapters and Monographs

Allan Friedman and L Jean Camp, “Security in Peer to Peer Systems”, The Handbook of Information Security ed. Hossein Bidgoli, John Wiley & Sons (Hoboken, New Jersey) 2005.


Luc Wathieu and Allan Friedman “IntelliseekHarvard Business School Case N9-505-061 2005


Peer Reviewed Publications

Alessandro Acquisti, Allan Friedman & Rahul Telang “Is There a Cost to Privacy Breaches?  An Event Study” International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS2006),Milwaukee WI, November 2006


Alessandro Acquisti, Allan Friedman & Rahul Telang “Is There a Cost to Privacy Breaches? An Event Study” Workshop on the Economics of Information Security, Cambridge UK. June2006


David Lazer and Allan Friedman “Exploration and Exploitation in Networks” Poster Presentationat the National Conference on DigitalGovernment Research,  Atlanta GA May 2005


David Lazer and Allan Friedman “The parable of the hare and the tortoise: Network structure of exploration and exploitation” American Sociological Association Annual Conference, Philadelphia PA August 2005


Luc Wathieu and Allan Friedman “An empirical approach to understanding privacy valuation” Workshop on the Economicsof Information Security (WEIS 2005), Cambridge MA June 2005


Allan Friedman & L. Jean Camp, "Manifest Security", Second Workshop on Economics and Information Security College Park, MA. May 2003.



Abstract Reviewed Conference Presentations

Allan Friedman “The Tragedy of the Network” International Sunbelt Social Network Conference, Vancouver, April 2006


Jean Camp, Allan Friedman, and Alla Genkina. “Net Trust: Designing for Human Trust Perception” Trustworthy Interfaces for Passwords and Personal Information. Palo Alto CA, June2005.


Jean Camp, Allan Friedman, and Warigia Bowman. “Voting, Vote Capture & Vote Counting Symposium” Proceedings of the 6th Annual National Conference onDigital Government Research, Atlanta GA, May 2005


Jean Camp and Allan Friedman, “Peer patching” 24th Army Science Conference, Orlando FL, December2004


Allan Friedman, Roshan Baliga, Deb Dasgupta, Anna Dreyer, “Underlying Motivations in theBroadcast Flag Debate” Telecommunications Policy ResearchConference,Washington DC, September 2003. (Selected as one of 12 best conference papersfor republication)


Jean Camp & Allan Friedman, “Peer to Peer Security” Telecommunications Policy Research Conference, Washington DC,September 2003.


Invited Presentations and Panels

“Empirical research: obstacles and solutions” Panel Chair and Participant. Workshop on the Economics of Securing Information Infrastructure. Washington DC, October2006.


“Incentives, Markets and Information Security” Panel Chair and Presenter.  Financial Cryptography(FC05), Dominica February 2005


“Privacy and Rights Management” Invited Panel Participant. International Conference on Electronic Commerce, Pittsburgh PA, October 2003. 


“(Inter)national IDs” Panel Chair and Participant, Privacy Enhancing Technologies Workshop: Dresden, Germany, March 2003


Allan Friedman (Primary researcher) “Online Banking Privacy” Center for Democracy and Technology, 2001. 





Harvard University,  Cambridge MA: Course Instructor

Spring 2007, 2009

oDesigned a new course on “Privacy and Technology” (CS199r, then CS105) for the Computer Science Department with Dean Michael Smith.

oCo-taught interdisciplinary course to 36 undergraduate and graduate students.

MITRE Corporation, Washington DC: Consultant

June-October 2006

oIdentified a modeling strategy for understanding the security of patient information flow and privacy risks in electronic medical record systems.

oConstructed and executed an empirical research pilot program

Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Palo Alto CA: Research Intern

Summer 2005

oApplied social science and complex systems tools to information dynamics. Focused on economics of privacy and market-driven technology distribution systems and gave several internal presentations.

Worked with Bernardo Huberman and Tad Hogg in the Information Dynamics Lab.

Harvard Business School, Cambridge MA:  Research Assistant


oWorked with Luc Wathieu to design and test economic theories of consumer privacy.  Co-authored HBS case on the use of web information for marketing purposes.

Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge MA:  Research Assistant


oWith Jean Camp: Combined technical expertise with policy analysis to draft reports on Identity in Electronic Authentication and Electronic Voting and Vote Counting; co-wrote several articles.

oWith David Lazer: Designed agent-based models to test theories of organizational dynamics.

oWith Cary Coglianese: Examined online presence of regulatory agencies and their use of internet technology for greater public participation in new field of E-Rulemaking.

Center for Democracy and Technology, Washington DC:  Policy Intern

Summer 2001

oWorked closely with senior policy analysts to examine policy behind internet civil liberty issues.

oPrimary researcher of a published report on Online Banking Privacy. 

oChief aid in the launching of CDT’s Standards Project examining policy impacts of technical decisions.

Center for Social and Policy Studies, Swarthmore PA:  Research Associate

2000 – 2002

oAssisted senior faculty on a variety of research topics, both academic and applied.

oIndividual research project on technology and civic engagement.

Neptune Internet Services, Grenoble FRANCE:  Technical Intern

Spring 2000


Professional Activities

Reviewer, topiCS: Journal of The Cognitive Science Society (2008)

External Reviewer, Financial Cryptography and Data Security (FC2007)

Program Committee, Workshop on the Economics of Securing Information Infrastructure(WESII2006)

General Chair, Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (WEIS2005)

Reviewer, Fifth ACM Workshop onDigital Rights Management (DRM2005)

Reviewer, New Media and Society Journal (2005)

Member, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Member, Culinary Historians of Boston


Invited Participation in Educational Workshops


NYU/CeDER Summer Workshop on the Economics of Information Technology, June 2006

Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School, Qingdao, China, July 2004

NSF Graduate Webshop for Scientific Research on the Internet, University of Maryland, June 2003